RT Vitrine is a high-contrast Display Sans achieving a see-through quality through formal reduction while its crystal- clear shapes convey the air of effortless elegance.

In his article “Through thick and thin: Fashion and type” first published in EYE No.65, Vol.17, 2007, Abott Miller writes: “[...] It has an almost see-through quality. Because of its radical thick-thin structure, the mass of the letterforms are greatly diminished: words typeset in Didone fonts act as a typographic veil over photography.”

Having a visual characteristic compressed in clear words can have a revealing effect. With the serifs cut and the weight removed from the stroke endings altogether this typeface takes the translucence to the next level. Started as an exploration into the field of display type and the Didone genre, RT Vitrine has become a typeface stripped back to its essence, revealing the beauty in simplicity.